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At Almond Media, we find new and intuitive ways to turn your end customer’s intent into action. With search marketing at our core, and comprehensive digital expertise, we create award-winning and prosperity-driving online strategies for some of the world’s most innovative brands.

Our mission is to drive prosperity through cutting edge digital performance media. We act as a business consultant and trusted advisor to our clients. We leverage our global experience, while utilizing technology and data to provide tangible insight and analysis that drive strategies that deliver dramatic and measurable results. We approach each client’s business as a unique challenge. Although we have almost a decade of experience with some of the world’s most sought-after brands in verticals ranging from healthcare to retail, travel to technology, we know that your end customer is truly unique, as are your organization’s technology, analysis, relationship and account management needs. Here is a brief overview of the specific services we offer within our overarching digital performance strategies:


We work with you to create optimized and responsive websites that meet your requirements and look and work great on every device, from smartphones through to desktop PC’s.

Mobile / Tablet apps

The next thing after your website could be a mobile app. our high qualified specialists and partners will deliver iPhone, iPad, Android apps that embrace the power of mobile. All our apps are technically polished, gorgeous to look at and provide a great user experience. If you have an app idea, just do not hesitate to get in touch with us to turn it into reality.

Database Building

A good, up-to-date, organized database is the base of any firm’s foundation. Almond Media can help you build your bespoke database solution that would fit your firms’ needs – cloud base or in a physical location.


We can offer advice on every aspect of web apps including design, usability, accessibility, language, hosting, domain registration, ensuring that the right methodology and framework is used to achieve a professional delivery

eCommerce Solutions

Almond Media offers sophisticated, functional and accessible e-commerce solutions, using innovative techniques. Particular attention is granted to the security and fraud protection thus offering a smooth e-commerce experience for consumers.

Social Media Advertising (Data analysis and Audience management)

We help you reach out to new customers digitally through branding, and acquire more customers by increasing website traffic and online sales through targeted ads on Social Media. We help you manage it carefully so as to create share value.

Google Services

We have extensive experience in dealing with Google services and applications like Google AdWords, Google Adsense, DFP, Google Analytics, Google API etc..

Our Staff Are Certificated in these fields

Our team doesn’t just work together because they have to. Here at Almond Media, we understand that we’re better together than we are apart.
We have developed close relationships with many of the industry’s leading suppliers and professional bodies, and with close relationship with various Media owners such as Google, Facebook and Yahoo, LinkedIn. These relationships are key to securing early beta tests, dealing with trademark issues that may arise, being kept abreast of new search engine developments and opportunities. Which means we can swiftly and pro-actively manage our clients business and give them a competitive advantage

Web Development
Social Media Advertising
Brand & Marketing
Project Management
Search Engine Optimization